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Benefits of EPCES Membership
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Major Benefits of Membership of
Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs

  1. EPCES organises Open Houses of EOUs, SEZ Units and SEZ Developers with Hon’ble Commerce & Industry Minister and Commerce Secretary, Government of India and other senior officers from Central and concerned State Governments at different parts of the country from time to time for resolving the issues/problems of EOU/SEZ Sector and to take suggestions from its members for submission to Ministry of Commerce & Industry for formulation of Foreign Trade Policy, SEZ Act and SEZ Rules. The Council has so far organized 38 Open Houses all over India. As a result, a number of issues of EOUs and SEZs have been resolved and the concerned Ministries have also issued various notifications/ circulars in this regard. The members have also been informed about the same from time to time.
  2. EPCES, along with its members, has been regularly participating in trade fairs/exhibitions abroad for promoting exports from the country and for building a strong image of Indian products overseas. In this regard, EPCES also provides financial assistance in the form of Market Development Assistance (MDA) to member participants in the fairs. At these fairs, Council organize one-to-one meetings with foreign buyers and members get immediate export orders during these fairs. The Council disburse the MDA grant to individual units by way of financial assistance towards airfare and charges for 9 sq.mtr. built up stall. The members of the Council have also appreciated the efforts of the Council in this regard. The details of some of the fairs are as under: 

- EPCES along with its members has participated in multi-products trade fair at Chile from 18th to 21st March, 2009. As a result, members have got immediate export orders and appointed distributors in Chile.
- EPCES along with its members has participated in multi-products 9th SAARC Trade Fair held from 11th to 14th September, 2009 at Thimphu, Bhutan. As a result, members of the Council have been able to get export orders and trade enquiries.
- EPCES along with its members has participated in multi-products trade fair “Expocomer” held from 23rd to 26th March, 2011 at Panama. Members of the Council have found the fair very useful and fruitful. In this fair, the members have been able to get export orders and trade enquiries.
- EPCES along with its members participated in the multi-products trade fair “Africa Export & Import Fair 2012 held from June 15 to 18, 2012 at Nairobi, Keyna. The objective of the participation was to promote and gain access to local, regional and global markets from intra-regional trade exchange. the members have been able to get export orders and trade enquiries.

  1. EPCES in association with High Commissions of India has organized successful seminars in Singapore, Taiwan & Indonesia by taking high power delegations from India, for bringing foreign investments in SEZ Scheme in India. These seminars provided an excellent opportunity to our delegates and SEZ developers to have interactions with businessmen and investors. These seminars have also provided good opportunity for businessmen and investors in these countries to know about Indian SEZ scheme, various SEZs and meet various SEZ developers. EPCES has received a very good feedback from its members that such type of events will definitely give very fruitful results for attracting investments in SEZs in India.
* EPCES in order to keep its members informed about the potential international markets and its benefits also organizes interactive meetings with Foreign Ambassadors in India and Foreign High power delegations in India. The Council has organized following meetings with Foreign Ambassadors and Foreign Delegations:  
- EPCES organized an interactive meeting with the Ambassador of Panama of its members on 9th December 2011 at Mumbai. This meeting provided important information to our members about Panama and trade benefits in Panama.
- EPCES in association with Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India had organized a meeting of EOUs and SEZs with high powered Delegation from Russia on September 27, 2012 at Noida SEZ, for increasing trade between India and Russia. The delegation was let by Deputy Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations.
  1. EPCES also keeps its members abreast of the latest developments in relation to issuance of notifications, circulars by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, RBI etc. by way of issuance of EPCES Circulars to all members of the Council.
  2. EPCES is continuing the process of recognizing the export efforts of EOUs and SEZ units by presenting EPCES Export Awards to best EOUs and SEZ Units for Outstanding Export Performance every year. The awards are presented by the Hon’ble Commerce & Industry Minister. On this occasion, supplements in leading national newspapers are issued publishing messages received from Hon’ble President of India, Hon’ble Vice-President of India, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Commerce & Industry Minister along with photographs of awardees etc. This encourages EOUs and SEZ Units to increase their efforts for promoting exports from the country. This year 6th set of awards function was held on May 17, 2012 at New Delhi and the EPCES Export Awards were presented by Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Hon’ble Minister for Commerce & Industry to best EOUs and SEZ Units.
  3. EPCES has been publishing a book every year, which incorporates Notifications/Circulars, relating to EOUs and SEZ Units, issued by Central Board of Excise & Customs, Central Board of Direct Taxes, Director General of Foreign Trade and Reserve Bank of India updated SEZ Act & updated SEZ Rules. We send a complimentary copy of this book to all our members for their smooth day-to-day functioning. In the last nine years this book has been of immense help to EOUs, SEZ Units, SEZ Developers as well as field formations of Development Commissioners, Customs and Central Excise authorities. 9th edition of EPCES Book on Notification has been released on 14th September, 2012 at New Delhi. A complimentary copy the book has been sent to all the members of the Council.
  4. EPCES News - EPCES has been regularly publishing its quarterly bulletin “EPCES News” containing a wide variety of topics and news items of interest to its members. This bulletin is sent to all members and Indian Missions overseas and overseas missions in India